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Precision Caning Machine
from Version 1.0 - 10/02/05 to Version 3.4 - 11/17/08

As usual, right click on the link and select "Save Link Target As" to download the movie file to your computer.

  v3.4 - improved precision!
        A Senior Dozen - 8.1MB mpg file
        Four by Six - 17.5MB mpg file
        Takes Six to Make a Welt - 8.5MB mpg file
        Sixteen in the Middle - 7.7MB mpg file
  v3.3 - precision, at last!
        white cane 1 - 3.9MB mpg file
        white cane 2 - 4.7MB mpg file
        black cane 1 - 3.2MB mpg file
        black cane 2 - 3.3MB mpg file
  v3.2 Vertical Oscillations - 3.5MB mpg file  

05/28/07 spanking
v3.1 Loaded Cane - 5 strokes - 3.5MB mpg file
The completely redesigned and very low weight cane holder yielded far higher velocities. Unfortunately, unwanted vertical oscillations remained and were considerably larger than at lower velocities. That is, any slight sideways component to the impact was magnified as the cane lifted off the surface. These oscillations did not damp out in time for the next stroke and affected both accuracy and repeatability.
The velocities achieved were much higher than in V2.0.
This was a very good spanking.
  v3.1 stroke count / enjoying .MPG  

04/23/06 spanking
v2.0 6 mm / 1 mm oak rod - 20.4MB mpg file
the pictorials at right are not arrows, they show the cross-section of each rod / bar
the surface to be struck is to the left of each pictorial
the apparent "sharp edge" of the lower pictorial is actually rounded to a 1mm radius

04/23/06 spanking
v2.0 Fiberglass Rod 9 mm side - 14.7MB mpg file
the machine has few vertical positions that are easily selectable in this version
these are approximately 1 inch apart and quite accurate except for my body motion

04/23/06 spanking
v2.0 Three Rods - 6.8MB mpg file
a 1 inch diameter pine rod, a 5/8" diameter phenolic rod and a 3/4" (18 mm) fiberglass rod are used
the fiberglass rod has been milled so that it also has a 9 mm side as shown at right
this is a very heavy, deep impact rod, even after machining
only the 18 mm side is applied in this .MPG file
04/23/06 spanking v2.0 - a "universal cane holder" was made for this session and thoroughly tried
it is very kind to all canes - it has no sharp edges in the holding clamp to fatigue or break the cane
however, the weight penalty for this design was very high and there was significant loss of velocity
some .MPG files of this caning will be posted as soon as I can find the time
a thorough redesign of the positioning system and the cane holders is now underway
10/02/05 spanking v1.0 5/16" fiberglass rod - 6.3MB mpg file
This is 5/16" (8 mm) fiberglass rod. It is very, very sturdy. For me, it is an almost addictive feeling to have it land repeatably on the same spot. There is something about the steady build up of sting and "bite" that is very satisfying.
10/02/05 spanking v1.0 5/8" dowel rod - 6.1MB mpg file
This was 5/8" poplar dowel rod selected for straight grain. I was starting to get a good idea of how to turn to even out the impact on both cheeks. Poplar is a light wood. The machine is very strong. Wood will crack.
10/02/05 spanking v1.0 3/4" dowel rod - first try - 5.4MB mpg file
Moving impact point down slowly. Two strokes per change.