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08/31/08 Precision Caning Machine V3.4
01/06/08 Precision Caning Machine V3.3
08/06/07 Precision Caning Machine V3.2
03/04/07 Precision Caning Machine V3.1
07/04/06 Precision Caning Machine V2.0 - first use of 1 mm cane -
10/07/05 La Pampa de las Tundas - Martin Varazo
10/02/05 spankings - first use of Precision Caning Machine - 10/02/05
10/01/04 Precision Caning Machine - testing and adjustment, 5/8" poplar dowel rod, 5/16" fiberglass rod
06/12/05 37 images in Photos by Red Charls gallery
06/07/05 added 40 images to the Impacts gallery and some new links to the Links page
05/15/05 Ideas Behind This Site and Vote For This Site pages and some Links added
04/09/05 Galleries: Patty      new links page and info  Links
04/03/05 Galleries: Baldios, Cravache, Descaro, Dubigeon
02/01/05 spankings: Happy New Year Spanking - best caning to date! - 01/01/05
09/04/04 galleries: Paula
09/08/04 galleries: more Paula, Azrael, Art, Color, Impact, Swellings (from red.red's corner)
09/12/04 separate Links and Updates pages in the Site Map
09/12/04 galleries: Latest Fashions
09/19/04 movies: 4_Strokes
10/20/04 movies: 5 tine rake and hairpin
12/01/04 Spanking quote
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